The Lost Art with Steve & Lou 27th July 2023

Here we are again, Here we are again – Yes folks, we’re BACK from our week long break (ho hum). Got an absolutely top-hole show lined up for you lovely lot this week. So why not click on the PLAY button below and be transported……………be transported to another time, another place, but specifically the latest episode of “The Lost Art” with Steve & Lou xx. ENJOY.

This week.

Arch Echo – To The Moon

I Am The Manic Whale – Nautilus

Tempus Sidereum – Umbra

Ruby Dawn – Dances On Mars

Candacraig – Gliding

Icarium – Time

Fuchs – Challenge Of Lifelong Learning

Big Big Train – A Mead Hall In Winter

Marillion – Splintering Heart (Live)

Arena – The Equation

IQ – Perfect Space

Clive Nolan – Rewards

Steven Wilson – The Watch Maker

Nick Beggs/Howard Jones/Robin Boult – Specialty (Live)

The Swan Chorus – The Waffle House

Hanlon’s Razor – Wide Awake Sleeping

Hadron – Machine Messiah

Peter Gabriel – The Feeling Begins