The Lost Art with Steve & Lou 26th Oct 2023 with John Boegehold interview

Yet another special edition this week guys as we host a lovely chat with John Boegehold interview (Pattern Seeking Animals) along with another track from their brand new album “Spooky Action At A Distance” along with the usual mix of new and old.

Hope you can join us, enjoy your day – Steve & Lou xx

This week.

Third Quadrant – Dim And Distant Futures

Colosseum II – The Awakening

Ozric Tentacles – Deep Blue Shade

Eddie Mulder – Not So Easy

Arena – Bedlam Fayre (Live)

Herds – Innsbruck

Hekz – Terra Nova

Dream Theater – Home (1st Live run thru of first half)

Blind Ego – Massive

Threshold- The Art Of Reason

Gentle Giant – Interview (2023 remaster)

Rush – Working Man

Avenged Sevenfold – Nobody

Within Temptation – Wireless

Nightwish – Ghost Love Score (Live)

HipoKamp Project – Flashback 3

John Boegehold Interview

Pattern Seeking Animals – Underneath The Orphan Moon

HipoKamp Project – Flashback 1