The Lost Art with Steve & Lou 21st Sept 2023

How’s it going fellow Progheads ??? Ready to get your PROG on for another enthralling edition of “The Lost Art” ?? We hope so. Got a totally stellar playlist for you this week, so click “PLAY” and let’s get rollin’.  Have an awesome weekend – Steve & Lou xxx

OUR 1st ANNIVERSARY SHOW with Progzilla – Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

This Show.

Pattern Seeking Animals – Somewhere North Of Nowhere

Enchant – Seeds Of Hate

The Mercury Tree – Dreamwalking

Nick Fletcher – The Fifth Parallel

The Flower Kings – Scars

ELP – Bitches Crystal

Pixie Ninja – Thanatosis

Subsignal – Melencolia One

Tool – Forty Six And Two

Symphony X – Without You

James LaBrie – Mislead

Angra – Angels & Demons

District 97 – The Perfect Young Man (feat. John Wetton)

Touchstone – Tabula Rasa

Halestorm – Still Of The Night

Opeth – Heart In Hand

Frost* – Numbers

Mondo Drag – Through The Hourglass

Spock’s Beard – Beware Of Darkness

Spooky Tooth – I’m Alive (Dedicated to Gary Wright)

Rush – Cygnus X-1 Book 2: Hemispheres

Bruce Soord – Dear Life