The Lost Art with Steve & Lou 20th Feb 2023 – Dream Theater Special

You may need your earplugs this week folks as Raucous Rita Returns with a whole middle section devoted to the mighty DREAM THEATER, definitely going up to 11 this week, but in addiiton we have some classic stuff and some new stuff, so why not join us for yet another three hour fun packed show.

Have a great day – Steve & Lou xxx

Bringing The Joy…….

Blind Ego – Preaching To The Choir

Lonely Robot – The Boy In The Radio

Pragma – Transmigration

Focus – Who’s Calling ?

A-Ha – Sycamore Leaves

Subsignal – The Trick Is To Keep Breathing

Rick Wakeman  – Anne Of Cleeves

Dream Theater

Ytse Jam

Metropolis Pt1: The Miracle And The Sleeper


Led Zeppelin Medley

Stream Of Consciousness

The Shattered Fortress

Pale Blue Dot

Awaken The Master

Lifestream – Rebirth

Darwin’s Radio – The Illusion Is Freedom

King Crimson – Cat Food

Rain – Winter Sun