The Lost Art with Steve & Lou 19th Oct 2023 with T.A.P interview

A very special edition this week folks as we have an interview with T.A.P lined up for you, a middle section with Weird Wendy and the usual selection of NEW STUFF – whatcha waiting for ???

Look forward to entertaining you – Steve & Lou x

This week’s playlist.

Galahad – Behind The Veil Of A Smile

Kyros – Esoterica

Colosseum II – Wardance

Residuos Mentales – A Series Of Self Correcting Errors

Soundlarsen – Zero Degrees At Midnight

Advent Horizon – Cell To Call Home

Storm Corrosion – Drag Ropes

Gong – Flying Teapot

Ozric Tentacles – Paper Monkeys

The Beatles – Revolution 9

Igorrr – Nervous Waltz

Captain Beefheart – Low Yo Yo Stuff

Pink Fairies – Uncle Harry’s Last Freak Out

Hawkwind – Paranoia Part 2

Frank Zappa – It Just Might Be A One Shot Deal

T.A.P interview

T.A.P – Infinite Names

Herds – Faith