The Lost Art with Steve & Lou 19th Dec 2022

One week to go before the BIG DAY, our next show goes out LIVE on Progzilla on Boxing Day, hope you can join us and you’re not too wasted after over-indulging the day/nght before. Enjoy the show and we’ll catch you next week. Stay Frosty guys – Steve & Lou xxx

This week…………

Spock’s Beard – Tides Of Time

BBM – Where In The World

The Wring – Sins

Freak It Out – Robot

Grydgaard – Counting Sheep

The Reasoning – Awakening

Nebular Wave – Tin Foil Stetson

Arena – Double Vision

District 97 – The Perfect Young Man

Lunatic Soul – The Passage

Threshold – A Tension Of Souls

Gentle Giant – Way Of Life

Opeth  – Ghost Of Perdition (Live)

Big Big Train  – Alive (Live)

Ashra – Ice Train

Tangerine Dream – Purple Haze (Live)

Genesis – The Story Of Albert (Duke)

Syzygy – Mount Ethereal (Live)

Drew Charron – Over And Over