The Lost Art with Steve & Lou 17th October 2022

An absolute stonker of a show for you crazy lost is ready and waiting. A wealth of new releases from some of the new, young and exciting Prog bands, a middle section that goes to 11 and then some with a hefty dose of Prog Metal, plus a few classics thrown in for good measure.

How the hell do we manage to cram it all into a three hour show ???

Click away and find out – Prog on dudes – Steve & Lou xx

This week’s playlist.

Lobate Scarp – Our Test Tube Universe

Glass Hammer – All Alone

Signs – Zero Gravity

Tangerine Dream – Thru Metamorphic Rocks

Phi Yaan-Zek – Sasquatch Stomp

Uriah Heep – Nail On The Head

Tool – Lateralus

Symphony X – When All Is Lost

Dream Theater – Metropolis (ATCO demo)

Nightwish – Pan

Opeth – The Leper Affinity

The Jelly Jam – Care

Led Zeppelin – For Your Life

Rush – Working Man (Live)

The Samurai Of Prog – Anthem To The Phoenix Star

Maraton – Non-Euclidean Heart

Cosmograf – British Made

The Round Window – Out Of Time

Voice Among The Many – Where We Belong

Major Parkinson – Saturday Night

Peter Gabriel – Big Time