The Lost Art with Steve & Lou 16th Jan 2023 inc Aaron Clift interview

This week’s uber-special edition folks including a chat with Aaron Clift from The Aaron Clift Experiment – Steve & Lou x

Von Hertzen Brothers – Peace Patrol

Pattern Seeking Animals – Much Ado

Cosmograf – Heroic Materials

Solstice – Light Up

Kyros – Heartstrings

Riverside – Friend Or Foe (single edit)

Rain – Something New

Threshold – Consume To Live

Evergrey – Ominous

Amplifier – Airborne (Live)

Red Bazar – We Will Find You

Devin Townsend – Higher

Gentle Giant – Excerpts From Octopus

Frank Zappa – Outside Now (Live)

Aaron Clift interview

The Aaron Clift Experiment – The Age Of Misinformation

eMolecule – The Architect