The Lost Art with Steve & Lou 13th March 2023


Strike while the iron’s hot (as they say), with this week’s show not a few hours in the bag, you can catch it for the first time or indeed, listen to it again and again and again – lucky you !!

Come join us – Steve & Lou xxx

This Week.

Pendragon – Who Really Are We

Yes – Cut From The Stars

Citizen Cain – The Charnel House

Kitchen Sink – Clandestiny

Kite Parade – Strip The Walls

Neu – E-Musick

Simon Collins – The Universe Inside Of Me

Sieges Even – Stigmata

Dream Theater – A Nightmare To Remember (Live)

Haken – Elephants Never Forget (Instrumental)

Arena – Bedlam Fayre

Threshold – The Art Of Reason

Transatlantic – Overture (Live)

A.C.T. – A Race Against Time

Inner Prospekt – Scratches

Peter Gabriel – Playing For Time (Dark Side Mix)

The Arc Light Sessions – Living Inside Your Head

Periphery – Silhouette (extract)