The Lost Art Mellotron Special 16th Nov 2023

A pre-recorded show with not a hint of Raucous Rita !! This show, I decided to take a retrospective look and listen to a mere handful of songs that have featured the mighty MELLOTRON over the years. Where do you begin ?? It could have ended up being DAYS long, yet alone 3 hours !!! Maybe we do a Volume 2, it’s up to you boys ‘n girls.

Meanwhile, come join the festivities and celebration as we kneel before the altar of the mighty ‘TRON !!!

What a ride, Steve G xx


Yes – Heart Of The Sunrise

Traffic – Hole In My Shoe

England – Three Piece Suite

35 Tapes – Whistle For The Wind

Focus – Le Clochard

Trace – Galliarde Part 1/Gare Le Corbeau/Galliarde Part 2

Kraftwerk – Trans Europa Express

Talk Talk – Life’s What You Make It

Deadwood Forest – The Pioneer

Submarine Silence – Mr Submarine’s Ordinary Day Part 1

The Watch – DNAlien

Genesis – Seven Stones

King Crimson – In The Wake Of Poseidon

Crowned In Earth – Separate Ways

Strawbs – New World

Greenslade – Tide

Greenslade – Melancholic Race

Seventh Wave – Premonition

Hawkwind – The Golden Void

Sahara – Sunrise

Moody Blues – Lost In A Lost World