The Lost Art (featuring Darran Charles interview) with Steve & Lou 25th May 2023

SPECIAL EDITION – This week, we have a nice chat for you guys with Darran Charles from Godsticks. We talk about all manner of things, but ultimately we wanna showcase the new album, which came out May 26th !! Enjoy the ride guys – Steve & Lou xx

Here’s this week’s playlist.

Greenslade – The Ass’s Ears

Marillion – The King Of Sunset Town (Live)

PFM – Celebration (Live)

Sunbeam Overdrive – Shen

Darran Charles (Godsticks) Interview

Godsticks – If I Don’t Take It All

Dream Theater – The Ones Who Help To Set The Sun (Pre-Production Demo)

Chroma Key – Colourblind

Blackfield – Family Man

No Man – Love You To Bits Bit 1

Gazpacho – Soyuz Out

Marillion – Ocean Cloud

Greg Bissonette – Submarine

Yes – Mirror To The Sky

Mystery – Pearls And Fire

Dominic Sanderson – Is There Calm Among The Chaos

Hats Off Gentlemen, It’s Adequate – Burn The World