The Lost Art 2023 Retrospective Part 3: The Conclusion with Steve and Lou 18th Jan 2024

All good things come to an end eh ?? What a ride it’s been looking back over an INCREDIBLE year for new music and with 2024 shaping up to equal (or indeed better it !!) I think it’s very safe to say, Prog is in a VERY healthy situation at this exact moment in time.

Enjoy the show  – Steve and Lou xx

This Week………………..

Pattern Seeking Animals – Clouds That Never Rain

Glass Hammer – Rift At Wasp-12

Residuos Mentales – A Series Of Self Correcting Errors

UK – Carrying No Cross (Live)

Gong – All Clocks Reset

Unitopia – Mania

Magnum – Rockin’ Chair (Live)

Uriah Heep – Hurricane

Crown Lands – Lady Of The Lake

Zio – Untenable

Cairo – Trip Wire

Derrick Trafecante (with Derek Sherinian) – Quick Fix

Steve Lukather – Not My Kind Of People

Arena – Paradise Of Thieves (Live)

DMJ – Mama

Moon Safari – Emma, Come On

Pallas – The Great Attractor

Kite Parade – Under The Same Sun

Francis Dunnery’s It Bites – Positively Animal (Live)

Agitation Free – Momentum

David Cross Band – Over Your Shoulder

Mariusz Duda – Good Morning Fearmongering

The Mystical Hot Chocolate Endeavors – I’ll Never Be