The Lost Art 2023 Retrospective Part 1 with Steve & Lou 4th Jan 2024

Well, well, well – Where did that year go ??? But WHAT a year eh !!!!

An incredible volume of new music assailed our ears, not good for ol’ wallet, but hey ho – what’s life all about ??? What is life without music. Anyway, to give you a VERY brief overview of what went down in the Mighty Land Of Prog over the past 12 months, you’ve come to the right place as we kick off our 2023 look-back. Part 1 of 3 !!! Look forward to enlightening you – Steve & Lou xx

Eyes down, here we go…………………..

Solstice – Mount Ephraim

Lazuli – La Betaillere

Rain – Solid State

Overhead – Sail Across the Universe

Karfagen – Birds Part 2

Exploring Birdsong – Bear The Weight

Jethro Tull  – Trickster (and the Mistletoe)

Hawkwind – The End

Riverside – Friend Or Foe

E-Molecule – The Architect

Haken – Elephants Never Forget

RPWL – King Of The World

The Flower Kings – Look At You Now

Tesseract – The Grey

Mystery – Behind The Mirror

Yes – Living Out Their Dream

Godsticks – If I Don’t Take It All

Comedy Of Errors – Funeral Dance

Karnataka – Say Goodbye Tomorrow

Frost* – Heartstrings (Live)

IO Earth – Sunshine

I Am the Manic Whale – Ghost Train (Part One)