Stevie-Iona’s Prog Songs 9.4.2023

Greetings, here is the playlist for Stevie-Iona’s Prog Songs for 09.04.2023.
  1. Ozric Tentacles, Attack Of The Vapours.
  2. Solstice, Light Up.
  3. Max Webster, Charmonium.
  4. Gary Newman, Films.
  5. Gary Willis, Smells Like A Party.
  6. Wendy And Lisa, Mother Of Pearl.
  7. Simon Phillips, Another Lifetime.
Now, Stevie_iona’s Mini Gig, so all live tracks by: …
8. Yes, A Time And A word.
9. Siberian Khatru.
10. The Revealing Science Of God.
11. America.
12. I’ve Seen All Good People.
13. Wonderous Stories.
14. The Gates Of Delirium.
15. Closing music, Dave Weckl, Softly As In A Morning Sunrise.