Stevie-Iona’s Prog Songs 24.07.2022

Stevie-Iona’s Prog Songs playlist 24.07.2022
  1. Filter, You Walk Away.
  2. Elton John, pinky.
  3. Elton JJohn, I’ve Seen The Saucers.
  4. Pat Metheny,
    First Circle.
  5. Emerson Lake And Palmer, Pirates.
  6. Cosmograf, The Smoke And The Flame.
  7. Nick Fletcher, Out Of The Maelstrum.
  8. Nick Fletcher, Interview Part 1.
  9. Nick Fletcher, The Eyes Of Persephone.
  10. Nick Fletcher, Interview Part 2.
  11. Nick Fletcher, Arcadia.
  12. Nick Fletcher, Interview Part 3.
  13. Alan Holdsworth, Wardenclyffe Tower.
  14. Dave Weckl, Festival De Ritmo.
  15. Closing Music, Dave Weckl, Softly As In A Morning Sunrise.