Sounds That Can Be Made #354 (Monsters of Progzilla Revisted 04)

Edition 354 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Monsters of Progzilla (Alison Reijman):

Franck Carducci – Alice’s Eerie Dream (live)
UFO – Lights Out (live)
Verbal Delirium – Aeons (live)
Curved Air – Young Mother (live)
Saga – Humble Stance (live)
Lazuli – Film d’Aurore (live)

Monsters of Progzilla (Arjen Anthony Lucassen):

Alice Cooper – I Love the Dead (live)
Queen – White Queen (As It Began) (live)
Rainbow – Over The Rainbow/Kill The King (live)
Led Zeppelin – Good Times Bad Times/Communication Breakdown (live)
The Beatles – Get Back (live)
Pink Floyd – Run Like Hell (live)

Monsters of Progzilla (James Turner):

The Dead Astronaut – Dream State
Anytown – Anytown (live)
She Makes War – In This Boat (live)
Haze – Turn Around (live)
Schnauser – World of Whimsy
Pulp – Common People (live)

Monsters of Progzilla (Gordon Midgley):

Wolf People – When The Fire Is Dead In The Grate (live)
Cream – Whiteroom (live)
Ozric Tentacles – Erpland (live)
Rush – Anthem (live)
Van der Graaf Generator – Urban/Killer/Urban (live)
Genesis – Watcher of the Skies (live)