Sounds That Can Be Made #343

Edition 343 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


XTC – Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me) (from Black Sea)
Genesis – Land Of Confusion (from Invisible Touch)
Yes – City of Love (from 90125)
Legacy Pilots – A Different League (from Aviation)
Bound – Weathering (from No Beyond)
Rush – Freewill (from Permanent Waves)
Envy of None – Never Said I Love You (from Envy of None)
Mansun – Stripper Vicar (from Attack Of The Grey Lantern)
Blush Response – Blasphemy (from Hearts Grow Dull)
AVKRVST – The Pale Moon (from The Pale Moon)
Lee Abraham – The Hands Of Time (from Only Human)
Thomas Feiner & Anywhen – Dinah & the Beautiful Blue (from The Opiates Revisited)
Exit North – Where The Coin Fell (from Anywhere, Still)
Ray Alder – This Hollow Shell (from II)
Einar Solberg – A Beautiful Life (from 16)
Wang Wen – The Ghost (from 100,000 Whys)
Zhaoze – Standing in Wind | 飒 (from No Answer Blowin’ in the Wind | 没有答案风中飘)
Nine Horses – The Banality Of Evil (from Snow Borne Sorrow)
Horizon’s End – Another War (from The Great Destroyer)
Xanadu – Violent Dream Pt.1 (from The Last Sunrise)
Alan Parsons – Return To Tunguska (from A Valid Path)
Lalu – Paint The Sky (from Paint The Sky)
Returned To The Earth – Drowning (from Fall of the Watcher)
Covet – Farewell (from Technicolor) **Prog Magazine Limelight artist**