Sounds That Can Be Made #294

Edition 294 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


The Cyberiam – Sunset on Mars (from Connected)
The Osiris Club – Phantasm (from The Green Chapel)
Baron Crâne – Larry’s Journey (from Les Beaux Jours)
Red Sand – Breathing (from The Sound of the Seventh Bell)
Argos – The Library of the Future (from The Other Life)
Pain of Salvation – The Passing Light of Day (from In The Passing Light of Day)
Refugee – Papillion (from Refugee)
Yes – Sound Chaser (from Relayer)
Relayer – Marburg Friends (from The Meeting Fashion)
Hands – Antarctica (from Hands)
Crea – Shattered Vision (from Dwarves & Penguins)
Karmakanic – Higher Ground (from Dot)
Long Earth – Summer (from Once Around the Sun)
Comedy Of Errors – Something She Said (from Fanfare & Fantasy)
Twelfth Night – Fact And Fiction (from Fact And Fiction)
Pallas – Cut And Run (from The Sentinel)
Birdeatsbaby – Bones Of God (from Tanta Furia)
She Makes War – Alone (from Direction of Travel)
Archive – Kings of Speed (from Controlling Crowds)
Pure Reason Revolution – Les Malheurs (from Amor Vincit Omnia)
Metallica – Turn The Page (from Garage Inc.)

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