Sounds That Can Be Made #288 (In Search of the Lost Neo Prog!)

Edition 288 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Marillion – Charting The Single (from The Roxon Tape)
Liaison – Dear Gina (from Turn The Gun Around)
Trilogy – Arctic Life (from Arctic Life)
Airbridge – Words and Pictures (from Words and Pictures)
Dagaband – Second Time Around (from Second Time Around)
As Above So Below – Damn The Bomb (from As Above So Below)
Shiva – Shiva (from Firedance)
Castanarc – Journey To the East (from Journey To the East)
Solstice – Brave New World (from Silent Dance)
Pendragon – Out In The Night (from Pendragon aka The Alaska Tape)
Twelfth Night – Keep The Aspidistra Flying (from Twelfth Night aka The Electra Tapes)
Third Quadrant – Backwards Into The Future (from Seeing Yourself As You Really Are)
Step Ahead – Right or Wrong (from Step Ahead)
Chemical Alice – The Judge (from Curiouser & Curiouser)
Tamarisk – Breaking The Chains (from Tamarisk)
Quasar – Mission 14 (from Fire In The Sky)
The Host – Elegant Methods Of Parking (from The Host EP)
LaHost – The Drowning Pool (from ….Another Song About Death – Live!)
Citizen Cain – Unspoken Words (from Fire in Harmony)
Haze – The Load (from C’est La Vie)
Pallas – Crown Of Thorns (from Arrive Alive)

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