Sounds That Can Be Made #277

Edition 277 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Iconic Sky – Anything Left of Me Now (from Iconic Sky)
Kayak – Mystery (from Out of this World)
Nad Sylvan – The Fisherman (from Spiritus Mundi)
Laughing Stock – Leave Me Alone (from Zero, Acts 1 & 2)
City of the Lost – Time is a Flat Circle (from Eternal Recurrence)
DeeExpus – Half Way Home (from Half Way Home)
Gentle Giant – His Last Voyage (from Free Hand)
Rush – The Fountain Of Lamneth (from Caress of Steel)
Delain – We Are The Others (from We Are The Others)
Von Hertzen Brothers – Flowers And Rust (from Nine Lives)
Citadel – Escaping Nepthon / Sneak-Break-Kick (from The Citadel of Cynosure & Other Tales)
Enchant – Enchanted (from A Blueprint of the World)
Muse – Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version) (from Simulation Theory (Super Deluxe edition))
John Carpenter – Halloween (from Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998)
Starset – Frequency (from Vessels)
30 Seconds To Mars – This Is War (from This Is War)
Spock’s Beard – Devil’s Got My Throat (from Snow)
Porcupine Tree – Futile (from Futile EP)
Avantasia – Lost In Space (from Lost In Space (Part I))
Rocket Scientists – Space 1999 (from Oblivion Days)
Traffic Experiment – Vashta Nerada (Doctor Who theme) (from Music by Traffic Experiment)
The Cyberiam – Don’t Blink (from The Cyberiam)
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – In The Hall Of The Mountain King (from The Social Network)

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