Sounds That Can Be Made #270 (Covers Special VI Rush songs)

Edition 270 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Nektar – Spirit of the Radio (from A Spoonful of Time)
Ninja Sex Party – Closer to the Heart (from Under the Covers, Vol. III)
Silver Sun – Xanadu (from Too Much, Too Little, Too Late)
Gregorian – Bravado (from Masters of Chant – Chapter 8)
Jacob Moon – Subdivisions (from The Loop)
Yngwie Malmsteen – Anthem (from Inspiration)
Devin Townsend – Natural Science (from Working Man)
Hermetic Science – Jacob’s Ladder (from Out There: Live 1996-2006)
Greg Howe – La Villa Strangiato (from Ascend)
Poverty’s No Crime – Distant Early Warning (from One In A Million)
Violet Island – Afterimage (from One or Nothing)
Nelly Furtado – Time Stand Still (from Score: A Hockey Musical)
Danielle Armstrong/Jamie Forsyth – Working Man (from Transporter – The Series)
Vitamin String Quartet – 2112 (from VSQ Performs Rush’s 2112)
The Gomers – Headrush (from Sofa King Good)
Richard Cheese – The Trees (from Silent Nightclub)
James Murphy – YYZ (from Working Man)
Michael Schenker – Finding My Way (from Doctor Doctor (The Kulick Sessions))
Skid Row – What You’re Doing (from B-side Ourselves)
Steel Assassin – Red Sector A (from WWII: Metal of Honor)
FourYearBeard – In the Mood (from Lush – The Main Man Records Tribute To Rush’s Debut… and John Rutsey)
Ed Hall – I Think I’m Going Bald (from ¡Cinco Años!)
Paradigma – Witch Hunt (from Skadi)
Talas – Battle Scar (from If We Only Knew Then What We Know Now)
James LaBrie – By-Tor And The Snow Dog (from Working Man)
Dream Theater – Tears (from 1996 International Fan Club Christmas CD)
Sun City Girls – Fly By Night (from Midnight Cowboys From Ipanema)

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