Sounds That Can Be Made #268

Edition 268 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


McStine & Minnemann – Tired (from II)
Sanguine Hum – Unstable Ground (from A Trace of Memory)
Leprous – Castaway Angels (from Castaway Angels)
TDW – Death and Her Brother Greg (from The Days The Clock Stopped)
Il Paradiso Degli Orchi – Slowgun (from Samir)
Gazpacho – Sapien (from Fireworker)
Atomic Rooster – Breakthrough (from In Hearing Of)
Jasper Wrath – Odyssey (from Jasper Wrath)
Coma Rossi – Dream (from Coma Rossi)
Rainburn – Someone New (from Insignify)
Salem Hill – Revenge (from The Robbery of Murder)
Spock’s Beard – Down A Burning Road (from Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep)
Black Bonzo – The Well (from Sound of the Apocalypse)
Opeth – The Devil’s Orchard (from Heritage)
Marillion – Script For A Jesters Tear (from Script For A Jesters Tear)
Genesis – Dodo/Lurker (from Abacab)
Kula Shaker – Grateful When You’re Dead/Jerry Was There (from K)
Mansun – Taxloss (from Attack Of The Grey Lantern)
Karnataka – Road to Cairo (from Secrets of Angels)
Panic Room – Screens (from Skin)
Soen – Penance (from Lotus)

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