Sounds That Can Be Made #235 (International Women’s Day 2020 special)

Edition 235 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Exploring Birdsong – The River (from The Thing With Feathers)
Marjana Semkina – Dark Matter (from Sleepwalking)
Scarlet Hollow – Crimson Lights And Dark Waters (from A Window to October)
Ms Amy Birks – Say Something (from All That I Am & All That I Was)
Potter’s Daughter – This Winter’s Child (from This Winter’s Child)
Magenta – Children Of The Sun (from Revolutions)
Touchstone – Oceans Of Time (from Oceans Of Time)
Kim Seviour – The Dive (from Recovery is Learning)
Pure Reason Revolution – Goshen’s Remains (from The Dark Third)
The Gathering – Morphia’s Waltz (from If_then_else)
Beatrix Players – Obey Me (from Magnified)
The Anchoress – Doesn’t Kill You (from Confessions of a Romance Novelist)
Anathema – A Natural Disaster (from A Natural Disaster)
Archive – End Of Our Days (from Restriction)
Heather Findlay Band – Dark Eyes / The Dreamer’s Wake (from I Am Snow)
Mantra Vega – The Illusion’s Reckoning (from The Illusion’s Reckoning)
Birdeatsbaby – Bones Of God (from Tanta Furia)
Deep Sea Diver – NWO (from History Speaks)
Cairo – Nothing To Prove/Nothing To Prove Reprise (from Say)
Oceans of Slumber – …This Road (from Winter)
Voyager – Saccharine Dream (from Colours in the Sun)

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