Sounds That Can Be Made #225 (2019 Retrospective)

Edition 225 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Marillion – Fantastic Place (from With Friends From The Orchestra)
Mindspeak – When Giants Cry (from Eclipse Chaser)
Exploring Birdsong – The Downpour (from The Thing With Feathers)
Mappe Of – Unkno (from The Isle of Ailynn)
Paul K – Memory Two (from Reconstructed Memories)
The Tea Club – Creature (from If/When)
Issun – Remember Me (from Dark Green Glow)
Evan Carson – Chrysalis (from Ocipinski)
Klone – Silver Gate (from Le Grande Voyage)
Lord Helmet – Forget the End of the World (from Forget the End of the World)
Rainburn – Elusive Light: Resignified (from Resignify EP)
aswekeepsearching – Green and Blue (from Rooh)
Isgaard – Borders Part 1, 2, 3 (Awakening, Fractioning, In The Cage) (from Human)
Telepath – No More Wishes (from Mental Mutations)
Hemina – In Technicolour (from Night Echoes)
Retrospective – What Will Be Next (from Latent Avidity)

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