Sounds That Can Be Made #184 (International Women’s Day special)

Edition 184 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Kim Seviour – Call to Action (from Recovery Is Learning)
All About Eve – In The Meadow (from All About Eve)
The Anchoress – Confessions of a Romance Novelist (from Confessions of a Romance Novelist)
Beatrix Players – Lady of the Lake (from Magnified)
Sophya Baccini – Beware, Beware (from Aradìa)
Kate Bush Kashka From Baghdad (from Lionheart)
Mother Superior – Ticklish Allsorts (from Lady Madonna)
Curved Air – Marie Antoinette (from Phantasmagoria)
Renaissance – Mother Russia(from Turn of the Cards)
Henry Cow – Day by Day: 1/2 the Sky (from Western Culture)
Lindsay Cooper – Savannah (from An Angel on the Bridge)
Lindsey Stirling – The Phoenix (from Brave Enough)
Rasputina – A Quitter (from Cabin Fever!)
Oceans of Slumber – The Banished Heart (from The Banished Heart)
VUUR – Save Me – Istanbul (from In This Moment We Are Free – Cities)
Billie Eilish – When the Party’s Over (from When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?)
iamthemorning – Sleeping Pills (from Lighthouse)
Spires That in the Sunset Rise – Child of the Snow (from Ancient Patience Wills It Again)
Susanna & The Magical Orchestra – It’s a Long Way to the Top (from Melody Mountain)
Anna von Hausswolff – An Oath (from The Miraculous)
Ninet – She’s Lost Control (from Paper Parachute)
Jane Weaver – Modern Kosmology (from Modern Kosmology)
She Makes War – Strong Enough (from Brace For Impact)
Angel’in Heavy Syrup – First Love (from Angel’in Heavy Syrup IV)
Octaviagrace – Oddeye (from New Eclosion)
Voyager – Hyperventilating (from V)
Triosphere – Steal Away the Light (from The Heart of the Matter)
OOIOO – Mountain Book (from Gold and Green)