Sounds That Can Be Made #181

Edition 181 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Tim Bowness – I Go Deeper (from Flowers At The Scene)
Lazuli – On Nous Ment Comme On Respire (from Réponse incongrue à l’inéluctable)
Miriodor – Peinturé dans le coin (from Signal 9)
Heliopolis – Elegy (from City Of The Sun)
Transatlantic – Mystery Train (from SMPTe)
Marillion – The Uninvited Guest (from Seasons End)
Pink Floyd – Keep Talking (from The Division Bell)
Arena – Moviedrome (from Immortal?)
Argent – Keeper Of The Flame (from Nexus)
Montrose – Space Station No. 5 (from Montrose)
Mystery – One Among The Living (from One Among The Living)
GPS – Window To The Soul (from Window To The Soul)
A Vinter – Never Be The Same (from Never Be The Same)
Motherjane – Clay Play (from Clay Play)
Amplifier – Panzer (from Amplifier)
Tinyfish – God Eat God (from Tinyfish)
Flamborough Head – Schoolyard Fantasy (from Unspoken Whisper)
Methexis – Those Howling Wolves (from The Fall of Bliss)
Arcane Roots – Slow Dance (from Heaven & Earth)
The Darkness – Black Shuck (from Permission To Land)
Fish On Friday – She Colours The Rainbow (from Godspeed)
Spock’s Beard – In The Mouth Of Madness (from The Kindness Of Strangers)
Times Up – Black Wing and Prayer)