Sounds That Can Be Made #75 (2016 Retrospective part two)

Edition 075 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!



Red Bazar– Sunset For A New World (from Tales From The Bookcase)
Messenger Crown Of Ashes (from Threnodies)
The Ben Cameron Project – Colour in the Sky (from A Cycle Never Ending)
Paradigm Shift – Reunification (from Becoming Aware)
Lee Abraham – Say Your Name Aloud (from The Seasons Turn)
gravitysays_i – An Ivory Heart (from Quantum Unknown)
We Are Kin – Radio (from …and I know…)
The Broken Oak Duet– Roger The Optometrist (from Terrain)
Damian Wilson – Can’t Heal War (from Built for Fighting)
Airbag – Returned (from Disconnected)
Konchordat – Temple of the Damned (from Rise To The Order)
The Mute Gods – In The Crosshairs (from Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me)
Dec Burke – Hate & Lies (from Book Of Secrets)
Wolverine – Pile Of Ash (from Machina Viva)
Touchstone – Tangled Lines (from Lights From the Sky EP)
Saul Blease – Blood (single)