Sounds That Can Be Made #251

Edition 251 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


McStine & Minnemann – Falling From Grace (from McStine & Minnemann)
Arabs in Aspic – I Vow To Thee, My Screen (from Madness
and Magic)
Fatal Fusion – Quo Vadimus (from Dissonant Minds)
Atli Örvarsson – Vor (from You Are Here)
Hail Spirit Noir – Automata 1980 (from Eden in Reverse)
Napier’s Bones – No Return? (from Hell
and High Water)
Jethro Tull – Minstrel in the Gallery (from Minstrel in the Gallery)
Gentle Giant – His Last Voyage (from Free H
IT – Power (from We’re All In This Together)
The Reasoning – Fallen Angels (from Awakening)
Edhels – Heart Door (from Still Dream)
Horizont – Snowballs (from Summer in Town)
Dredg – Eighteen People Live In Harmony (from El Cielo)
Muse – Map Of The Problematique (from Black Holes And Revelations)
Crack The Sky – Big Dipper (from Living in Reverse)
Evership – The Serious Room (from Evership II)
Quidam – Sanktuarium (from Quidam)
Anekdoten – The Flow (from Vemod)
Karcius – Purple King (from Episodes)
Mystery – Kameleon Man (from One Among The Living)
Lone Star – Spaceships (from Lone Star)

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