Sounds That Can Be Made #107 (ArcTanGent special XL)

An expanded edition 107 of Sounds That Can Be Made is now available as a podcast!


Future of the Left – A Guide to Men (from The Plot Against Common Sense)
God Is An Astronaut – Helios Erebus (from Helios/Erebus)
sleepmakeswaves – into the arms of ghosts (from Made of Breath Only)
Chiyoda Ku – How It Works (from How It Works)
Hoggs Bison – Gold Top Jersey (from Gold Top Jersey)
TesseracT – Tourniquet (Errai) (from Errai)
Halo Tora – Needles (from Omni\One)
Russian Circles – Hexed All (from Geneva)
Waking Aida – Glow Coin (from Eschaton)
Tall Ships – Day by Day (from Impressions)
Future Horizons – Neptune & Triton (from Neptune & Triton)
He Was Eaten By Owls – Once I Saw My Thoughts Drive The Sorrow From Her Face… (from Chorus 30 From Blues For The Hitchhiking Dead)
Poisonous Birds – I Understand But I Still Think You’re Wrong (from Gentle Earth)
Nordic Giants – Evolve or Perish (from A Séance of Dark Delusions)
Tricot – Ochansensu-su (from T H E)
잠비나이 (Jambinai) – 그들은 말이 없다 (They Keep Silence) (from 은서;隱棲 (A Hermitage))
Gallops – Jeff Leopard (from Yours Sincerely, Dr. Hardcore)
Thought Forms – Ghost Mountain, You and Me (from Ghost Mountain)
Totorro – Come to Mexico (from Come to Mexico)
Hikes – Tinker Creek (from Hikes)
Right Hand)
Gilmore Trail – Memories of Redfern (from The Floating World)
Madilan – Your Scent (from Morning til Morning)
itoldyouiwouldeatyou – Get Out Of Bed (from I Am Not Your Fault)
worriedaboutsatan – The Tower And The Steward (from Blank Tape)
Devil Sold His Soul – Hope (from A Fragile Hope)
The St Pierre Snake Invasion – A Hundred Years a Day (from A Hundred Years a Day)
Explosions In The Sky – Your Hand In Mine (from The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place)
Alpha Male Tea Party – You Eat Houmous, Of Course You Listen To Genesis (from Droids)
You Break, You Buy – Neighsayer (from Don’t Join the Circus)
Fall of Messiah – Die Zeit Wird Den Rest Erledigen (from How to See Beyond Fields)
Lost In Kiev – Narcosis (from Nuit Noire)
Toska – Illumo (from Ode to the Author)
The Evil Usses – Gambino (from Amateur Pro Wrestling)
Jardín de la Croix – Reversion (from Circadia)
Vola – Starburn (from Inzames)
Bossk – Kobe (from Audio Noir)
Listener – Falling in Love with Glaciers (from Wooden Heart)
The Physics House Band – Calypso (from Mercury Fountain)
Boris – Memento Mori (from Fear)
Ohhms – The Hanged Man (from The Fool)
TTNG (This Town Needs Guns) – Chinchilla (from Animals)
SikTh – Days Are Dreamed (from Opacities)