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Forthcoming Shows

Infinitome – Arrival

Angel – Tower (live)

Happy The Man – Stepping Through Time


Time Horizon – Prisoner

Zombi – Mangler

Lobate Scarp – You Have it All


Spock’s Beard – June

Ann Wilson – Black Wing

And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – No Confidence

Arcade Fire – Unconditional II (Race and Religion)


Shellac-Attack: Side 2 of ‘Club Ninja’ by Blue Öyster Cult

 – Beat ‘Em Up

 – When The War Comes

 – Shadow Warrior

 – Madness to the Method


Joe Bouchard – My Way is The Highway

Trip the Witch w/ Jon Anderson – Saturn We Miss You



Side A of ‘Power Windows’ by Rush

 – The Big Money

 – Grand Designs 

 – Manhattan Project

 – Marathon

Side 1 of ‘Secret Treaties’ by Blue Öyster Cult

 – Career of Evil

 – Subhuman

 – Dominance and Submission

 – ME 262

Side 4 of ‘i heard you listening’ by echolyn 

 – all this time we’re given

 – vanishing sun 


Glass Hammer – The Watchman On The Walls

The Tea Club – Werewolves

District 97 – Termites

Chrome Canyon – Snow in the Headlights / Deckard Returns (as interstitials)

Madonna – Like a Prayer

Sky Cries Mary – Insectoria (excerpt)

Cheer-Accident – Star Vehicle (4 Flats)



Join Brian and Mike as they get jiggy with it. So to speak. The following fine artistes helped them out this month:


Craig Ferguson – Let’s Get It Started 

Autograph – Turn Up The Radio 

Lobate Scarp – Our Test Tube Universe

Spoon – On The Radio


IZZ – The Endless Collection

 – Let Me Down

 – All My Places

 – Vantage Point


Phideaux – Tempest of Mutiny

Voivod – Synchro Anarchy

Stargazer Taskforce – Roller Coaster Ride

Pattern-Seeking Animals – I Can’t Stay Here Anymore


Shellac-Attack – ‘Half Life’ by IZZ

 – The Soul of Music

 – Into the Sun

 – Half Life

 – The Wait Of It All (live at CalProg)


Surfing Arcanis – Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace

Bubblemath – Potential People

Spiraling – Lightning Twice

Tom Brislin – Industry In The Distance

Kansas – Portrait (He Knew) (live)



As a special bonus for our loyal ‘From The Attic’ listeners, here’s a truncated version of the first of Brian Watson and Jim Griffin’s ‘Bungo Pony’ Blue Öyster Cult Fan Podcasts.


This first episode features ‘Imaginos 2: Bombs Over Germany’ by Albert Bouchard.


Follow the Bungo Pony Podcast for much more jolly badinage on all aspects of the BÖC Universe. Available wherever you get your podcasts from.



@Bungo_Pony on Twitter

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It’s Bungo, not Bingo, yeah?




Ron likes to party almost as much as the British Government. Join him, now, for 2 hours of the smoothest American progressive rock tunes this side of Barnard Castle.


This month’s AmericanPrög Show is brought to you by these fantastic artistes:


Meat Loaf – Bat Out of Hell 

Big Wreck – The Arborist

Temple of Switches – Living on the Edge

Captain Beyond – Icarus 


Shellac Attack 

Side 1 of ‘Unfolded Like Staircase’ by Discipline 

 – Canto IV (Limbo)


What Strange Beasts – Dear Maestro

Ape Machine – Veteran of the Psychic Wars

Aisles – Thanks to Kafka 

Octarine Sky – Night Sky / Into the Dream 

Potter’s Daughter – Movement IV 


Shellac Attack 2 

Side 3 of ‘Unfolded Like Staircase’ by Discipline

 – Into The Dream 


Jack O’ The Clock – Jubilation

A Gardening Club Project – Winter Snow 

Arnoldo’s Lizards – Motherships 

Meat Loaf – Heaven Can Wait (excerpt)