Roncast – The AmericanPrög Show January 2022: Meat


Ron likes to party almost as much as the British Government. Join him, now, for 2 hours of the smoothest American progressive rock tunes this side of Barnard Castle.


This month’s AmericanPrög Show is brought to you by these fantastic artistes:


Meat Loaf – Bat Out of Hell 

Big Wreck – The Arborist

Temple of Switches – Living on the Edge

Captain Beyond – Icarus 


Shellac Attack 

Side 1 of ‘Unfolded Like Staircase’ by Discipline 

 – Canto IV (Limbo)


What Strange Beasts – Dear Maestro

Ape Machine – Veteran of the Psychic Wars

Aisles – Thanks to Kafka 

Octarine Sky – Night Sky / Into the Dream 

Potter’s Daughter – Movement IV 


Shellac Attack 2 

Side 3 of ‘Unfolded Like Staircase’ by Discipline

 – Into The Dream 


Jack O’ The Clock – Jubilation

A Gardening Club Project – Winter Snow 

Arnoldo’s Lizards – Motherships 

Meat Loaf – Heaven Can Wait (excerpt)