PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #476 (“2022 Seaprog Festival #2 – CHEER-ACCIDENT”)

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #476 (“2022 Seaprog Festival #2 – CHEER-ACCIDENT”)

The ProgTracks Interview with Cheer-Accident:  It’s like an interview… without the interview… and with some stream of consciousness… or semi-consciousness.

A challenge fulfilled, setting records, tour booking secrets, periodic motorcycles, career trajectory, lost heads, inclusion, political self-help messaging, drone horn intimidation, courting the industry, time travel, announcing the next C-A album title, a T-Rex imitation, fame, (The) Carpenters, cover tunes, hiding childhood trauma, water, more mash-up cover tunes, Tom Hanks, use/non-use of derogatory terms, current divisions, a political history lesson, and Prog Wrestling (it’s a thing!)…and it’s all here!

Don’t miss this show, as Cheer-Accident and I… ‘get it on’!


  • CHEER-ACCIDENT – “Empty Province” from No Ifs, And Or Dogs on Cuneiform Records (2011) [02:09]
  • CHEER-ACCIDENT – “More And Less” from Putting Off Death on Cuneiform Records (2017) [12:59]
  • CHEER-ACCIDENT – “Learning How To Fly” from The Why Album on Complacency Productions (1994) [19:31]
  • CHEER-ACCIDENT – “Dismantling The Berlin Waltz” from Enduring The American Dream on Pravda Records (1997) [33:20]
  • CHEER-ACCIDENT – “Everyone’s Ugly Up Close” from Dumb Ask on Complacency Productions (1991) [53:55]
  • CHEER-ACCIDENT – “Dream Police” from Here Comes The Sunset on SKiN GRAFT Records (2022) [01:10:36]
  • CHEER-ACCIDENT – “Humanizing The Distance” from Fear Draws Misfortune on Cuneiform Records (2009) [01:24:52]
  • Carpenters – “(They Long To Be) Close To You” from Close To You on A&M Records (1970) [01:43:32]
  • CHEER-ACCIDENT – “Last But Not Lost” from Fades on SKiN GRAFT Records (2018) [01:50:54]

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