PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #467 (“Tea with ProgTracks”)

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #467 (“Tea with ProgTracks”)

ProgTracks and teatime go together… kinda like cheese and a grater.

Recognizing this will help you enjoy the show… as will turning up the volume one setting higher than normal and closing your eyes.

Enjoy the ride!

  • City Weezle – “Lysergik Tea Party” from Lysergik Tea Party EP on City Weezle (2012) [01:30]
  • Jonathan Badger – “It Came Down From The Night And Stood On The Porch Until I Invited It In For Tea” from Verse on Cuneiform Records (2014) [07:15]
  • LICE – “Conveyor” from WASTELAND:  What Ails Our People Is Clear on Settled Law Records (2021) [08:19]
  • The Chemistry Set – “Lovely Cup Of Tea” from Pink Felt Trip on Fruits de Mer (2022) [12:05]
  • Gong – “Flying Teapot from Flying Teapot (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 1) on Virgin (1973) [16:46]
  • Ardo Dombec – “Supper Time” from Ardo Dombec on Garden of Delights (1971) [29:52]
  • The Tea Company – “Flowers” from Flowers / Come And Have Some Tea With Me – Single on Smash Records (1968) [33:09]
  • The Dandy Warhols – “The Coffee And Tea Wrecks” from Dandys Rule OK on Beat The World Records (1993) [36:21]
  • The Tangent ­– “Supper’s Off” from Proxy on InsideOut Music (2018) [40:23]
  • KEOR – “MARTA / I AM KEOR” from TEAROOM on KEOR (2021) [51:06]
  • The Cardigans – “Losers” from First Band On The Moon on Stockholm Records (1996) [56:41]
  • The Tea Club – “I Shall Consume Everything” from Quickly Quickly Quickly on The Tea Club (2012) [01:00:21]
  • Plastic Overlords – “Tea And Cake With Another Mad Hatter”  from Sonic Astronomy on Fool’s Errand Records (2010) [01:08:52]
  • Cardiacs – “Dinner Time” from The Seaside on Alphabet (1984) [01:27:22]
  • Amoeba Split – “Dedicated To Us, But We Weren’t Listening” from Dance Of The Goodbyes – on Autoedita (2010) [01:32:17]
  • Kinky Wizzards – “Caffeine Overdose” from Quirky Musings on White Knight Records (2017) [01:36:06]
  • miRthkon – “Eat A Bag Of DiX” from Snack(S) on AltrOck Productions (2013) [01:41:04]
  • PAMPS! Les Pamplemousses Ethyliques – “Dessert Song” from Ozymandias on PAMPS! Les Pamplemousses Ethyliques (2020) [01:46:57]

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