PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #308 (6th Anniversary Show)

THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #308       (6th Anniversary Show)

– 6 years is a long time to do something.
– 6 years is a long time to do something that takes time. Every. Day.
– 6 years is a long time to struggle to build a faithful listener base.
– But… 6 years is an instant in time when you’re having fun. And I truly am!

15 April 2013 marked the first ever edition of Progressive Tracks (as it was first named). It was Tax Day… I had just finished my taxes… I was really nervous.

6 years later marks the 308th edition of The Progressive Tracks Show. It is Tax Day… I have filed for an extension… I’m still nervous; hopefully it doesn’t show.

I’ll be spinning some most excellent tunes. You’ll be sitting back and enjoying. Teamwork!     ;o)

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But first… enjoy the show!

Mike “ProgTracks” Pollack

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