PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #290 (The State of New Music in 2018)

(The State of New Music – 2018)

What is the state of the world as we reach the end of 2018?

Let’s just say it’s ‘fuzzy’.

But (attempting to remain in my ‘box’), I can definitely say that 2018 has been a ‘very very good’ year for Progressive Rock.  So much so, that there’s still a lot out there that we’ve just not been able to air.

So this week is an attempt to ‘catch up’ on some of the amazing music that has been released this year.

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  • Sonora Sunrise – “Welcome To”>The Route Through The Canyon on Trail Records
  • Troot – “Dance Elena” from Robert J. Zimmer? on 1015602 Records DK
  • Velcrocranes – “Hold Your Breath” from Afterlife – Single on Velcrocranes
  • The Re-Stoned – “Chromagnetic Stomp” from TOPOS on Independent
  • Troot – “Venice of the Sky” from Constance and the Waiting on Troot
  • Velcrocranes – “Afterlife” from Afterlife – Single on Velcrocranes
  • Robert J. Zimmer? – “Haute Garbage” from Robert J. Zimmer? on 1015602 Records DK
  • The Re-Stoned – “Dune Surfer” from Ram’s Head on Oak Island

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But first… enjoy the show!

Mike “ProgTracks” Pollack

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