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Having an older sister (Elvis era) and brother (Beatles era), I started loving music at an early age. But when I first heard Ian Anderson growl those famous lyrics from “Aqualung” (“Snot is running down his nose, greasy fingers, smeary, shabby clothes.”) I knew I’d found MY music . Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, ELP, and King Crimson all proved equally annoying to my parents – an added bonus! But that was years ago…

I started the volunteer DJ gig called ‘Progressive Tracks; at my local community radio station (KPTZ 91.9 FM) in 2013 upon the (constant!) urging of a good friend who thought I knew too much about music not to share it. So for the past few years I’ve been polluting the FM airwaves in and around the Seattle area (in the ‘other’ Washington in the United States) with the sole purpose of spreading the word about Prog.

Then in 2016 Peter Jones (a very loyal Progressive Tracks listener) and Cliff Pearson contacted me about joining Progzilla Radio. While picking my jaw up off the floor, I said ‘yes’… and so here I am to annoy an even broader audience. ;o)

In joining Progzilla Radio, I’ll hopefully continue to ‘convert’ lost musical souls, while helping some of the very talented musicians who give of themselves freely, for our collective enjoyment.

Long Live Prog! And thanks so much for listening!

– Mike (ProgTracks) Pollack

P.S. The time it takes you to understand the photo below is inversely related to how far you are down the “Prog Rabbit Hole”. Ha!

Contact: ProgTracks@kptz.org

Progzilla - Giant Hogweed

Mike’s Top 13 ‘Proggy’ Albums That Mean Something To Him
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