Cliff ‘Progzilla’ Pearson


Hi! I’m Cliff Pearson and yes, that really is my face! B->

I’ve has been a musician, broadcaster and DJ for most of my adult life and have been a prog fan since I was knee high to Jon Anderson!

After setting up Progzilla as a monthly podcast in 2009, I changed the format to an award-winning weekly live show in 2013 and this has now expanded to a fully-fledged UK-based station, teaming up with many of the best Prog broadcasters in the country.

Long live Progzilla!  B->

I turn up the volume to hear Cliff ‘Progzilla’ doing his Radio Nice whispers, then he plays a track and the volume kills my lawn
– Robin Smith


 Cliff’s Top 15 Favourite Prog Albums (in no particular order):

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