Anthony Rowsick


Anthony Rowsick (aka the Progsquatch) has been a fan of Progressive Rock for roughly 35 years. When the last of his four children moved out a few years ago he suddenly found himself with some things he had been lacking for many years – extra room in the house, spare time, and spare money! So he decided to invest in some computer recording software and an interface, moved all of his instruments and equipment into one of the kids’ old bedrooms, and began writing and recording his own music again. His friend Nelson W Pyles – the lyricist and vocalist in his recording project (called Novus) – is an author and podcaster and gave Tony the idea of doing his own podcast. Thus, Prog-Watch was born!

When he is not listening to Prog Rock, preparing shows, or working on his next album, Tony likes to ride his bike and pick up heavy things and put them down. He is also an avid reader, enjoying everything from the classics (Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, Dickens, Twain, etc.) to re-reading some of the 1960s and 1970s Marvel comics which fueled his imagination as a child and young adult.

Anthony’s Top Ten Albums (in alphabetical order)

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