Alan “The Krazz” Kraslow



“Preserving Vinyl, One Spin At A Time”

The KrazzLoft Vinyl Show is always an interesting vinyl journey.  Alan “Krazz” Kraslow is a veteran of San Diego radio, and spent more than 10 years on the air during the 70’s and 80’s, perfecting his segue art in a freeform radio environment on Z90-FM, XHRM-FM, KIFM-FM and KSDT-FM. The Krazz is a native New Yorker who grew up with freeform radio as it came into its own in the 60’s & 70’s with some of the most iconic DJ’s of the day.  They include Allison Steele “The Night Bird,” Scott Muni, Pete Fornatale, Zacherly, and others who blazed a path in freeform radio. Today his show “The KrazzLoft Vinyl Show” replicates that style, playing vinyl on turntables with a distinctive 70’s feel to the show.

From Woodstock to Desert Trip, Krazz is grateful to have been able to experience these landmark events, which significantly shaped his musical appetite. His segues will take you to many diverse cul-de-sacs of music, from Blues to Rock, Folk to Jazz, Prog to Jam Bands and more. The music does the talking, and every week is a different musical excursion. The show features a themed “6-Pack,” and “Slide Into A Side,” featuring a different album side every week.

DJ’ing with vinyl is quickly becoming a lost art. Krazz is “Preserving Vinyl, One Spin At A Time.” He keeps this art alive and well on Progzilla Radio with his eclectic taste and over 3,000 cataloged vinyl records in his library.  The show has been on the internet with a growing following since April of 2013.

“When the music and the soul collide – that’s magic.”

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