Podcast: The Progressive Rock show broadcast 23rd May 2021 – a 1969 Special

The Progressive Rock show track listing for Sunday 23rd May 2021 – a 1969 Special

Artist Title Time
Van Der Graaf Generator Afterwards 4:57
Jethro Tull Reasons For Waiting 4:07
Colosseum The Valentyne Suite 16:52
Pink Floyd Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving With a Pict 4:55
The Golden Earring Song of a Devil’s Servant 5:58
Joni Mitchell Tin Angel 4:05
Kevin Ayers Eleanor’s Cake (Which Ate Her) 2:53
The Who 1921 2:47
King Crimson I Talk to the Wind 6:05
The 5th Dimension Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In 4:45
Led Zeppelin Dazed and Confused 6:24
Wayne Shorter Swee-Pea 4:35
Soft Machine Out of Tunes 2:30
Renaissance Island 5:56
Genesis In Hiding 2:37
Strawbs Tell Me What You See in Me 4:58
Yes Survival 6:16
Elton John Lady Samantha 3:00
Procol Harum A Salty Dog 4:39

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