Podcast – The Prog Mill Remembrance Special “Lillies of the Dead” – 10 November 2019

The PROG MILL Remembrance Special “Lillies of the Dead” (edition 183 for Progzilla Radio and 403 in total), compiled by Leo Trimming of The Progressive Aspect for the Prog Mill and first broadcast 10 November, is now also available to stream on demand or download as a mp3 file. It is highly recommended that you make time to listen to the whole two hours in one go, and a warning, you may find some of it quite emotional. This week’s show features voices from World War 1 soldiers and their families mixed with a selection of progressive rock tracks associated with war and in particular WW1.

Here’s The Playlist but the music is only half of what the show is all about. Listen to the voices and how cleverly Leo has weaved it together.

1 Twelfth Night/Roger Waters/Radiohead – Sequences Intro/Ballad of Bill Hubbard/Harry Patch (In Memory Of)
2 RPWL – Masters of War
3 Fish – The High Wood III : The Gathering
4 Freedom to Glide – When The Whistle Blows
5 Big Big Train – Brave Captain
6 Steve Hackett – Clocks (Angel of Mons)
7 IQ – The Seventh House
8 Pink Floyd – Us and Them
9 Vienna Circle – Argonne Wood
10 Fish – The High Wood II Crucifix Corner
11 Twelfth Night – Sequences (Instrumental Excerpt)
12 Jump – The Sniper
13 Magenta – A War Bride’s Prayer
14 Twelfth Night – Sequences 2018
15 Roger Waters – Amused to Death
16 Peter – Peace

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A heartfelt thanks to Leo for his work in putting together this weeks special show.