Podcast – The Prog Mill Long Ones Special- 19 September 2021

The podcast for last Sundays PROG MILL LONG ONES SPECIAL is now available to listen to anytime you like. Just six epic tracks in 2 very proggy hours.


1 Lee Abraham – Counting Down (Only Human)
2 Fragile – Sent Through The Morning (Beyond)
3 Tillison Reingold Tiranti – Mai Tornare (Allium – Una Storia)
4 Esthesis – Downstream (The Awakening)
5 Kite Parade – Stranded (Single)
6 Evership – Yet To Come – It Might Be (The Uncrowned King Act 1)

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NEXT WEEK: Join us for some epic proggy tracks from the 70’s in a NIGEL’S PROGGY VAULTS LONG ONES SPECIAL