Podcast – The Prog Mill edition 247 – 7 February 2021

Edition 247 of THE PROG MILL for Progzilla Radio (467 in total), first broadcast 7 February 2021, is now also available to listen to anytime or download (192kb/s mp3). Another two hours of fantastic melodic and symphonic progressive rock.

Also this week, Mel Allen from The Progressive Aspect reviews the latest Ozric Tentacles album, and you can test your knowledge of 90’s progressive rock in our fun, quick fire quiz which we call “How Proggy Are You?!

Here’s this week’s playlist

1 Lifesigns – Shoreline (Altitude)
2 Meer – Across The Ocean (Playing House)
3 Lighthouse Sparrows – Safe and Sound (Single)
4 Raven Sad – Absolution Trial (The Leaf and the Wing)
5 Dimitri Toonen – Desolation Suite II – Choices (Leave My Mind Sometimes)
6 The New Empire – Foundation (Second Lifetime)
7 Ozric Tentacles – Stripey Clouds (Space for the Earth)
8 DarWin 2 – Future History (A Frozen War)
9 League of Lights – Shockwave (The In Between)
10 The Besnard Lakes – The Father of Time Wakes Up (The Besnard Lakes are the last of the great thunderstorm warnings)
11 Esperanto – Obsession (Last Tango)
12 ESP – Almost Seen (Invisible Din)
13 Gong – Love is How U Make It (Angels Egg)
14 Syrinx Call – Big Data (MirrorNeuron)

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