Podcast – The Prog Mill edition 207 – 26 April 2020

Edition 207 of THE PROG MILL for Progzilla Radio (427 in total), first broadcast 26 April 2020, is now also available to listen to anytime you like. You can either stop and start it when you want on the stream, or download it as a mp3 file onto your computer, phone or mp3 player. This week, as usual, we bring you two hours of simply wonderful melodic and symphonic progressive rock.

Here’s what you can hear on this week’s show

1 Spocks Beard – A Treasure Abandoned (Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep)
2 Lesoir – Somebody Like You (Mosaic)
3 Magic Bus – Easy Om (The Earth Years)
4 IO Earth – Waterfall (Aura)
5 Slap Guru – Meeting The Mermaid (Umashi’s Odyssey)
6 Yak – Journey of the Yak (Journey of the Yak)
7 Hollow Water – Strange Worlds Just Into Ours (Strange Worlds Jut Into Ours)
8 PsychoYogi – Dangerous Devices (Dangerous Devices)
9 Warmrain – Absent Friends (Back Above the Clouds)
10 The Prognosis – In The Deep (Still Waters)
11 Adult Cinema – We Sailed Across The Ocean (Teaser Trailer)
12 The Dark Monarchy – Fools Gold (The Dark Monarchy)
13 Supersister – Present from Nancy (Present from Nancy)
14 Fish on Friday – Trapped in Heaven (Black Rain)

You can hear The Prog Mill on Progzilla Radio at these times every week (www.progzilla.com/listen – via the tune in and other internet radio apps and platforms – or just ask Alexa to “Play Radio Progzilla on Tune-In”) :

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Tuesdays 2300-0100UK (2300 UTC) – 1500 Pacific/1800 Eastern
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Your melodic and symphonic progressive rock music suggestions for the show are very welcome. Just email shaun@progzilla.com, or message via twitter @shaunontheair or facebook.com/theprogmill

Back next week – including a new mini quiz feature as we ask – Just how proggy are YOU?!