Podcast – The Prog Mill edition 200 (8 March 2020)

Edition 200 of THE PROG MILL for Progzilla Radio, first broadcast 8 March 2020, is now also here for you to stream on demand or download. Simply click play below or elect to download it as a mp3. Two hours of superb melodic and symphonic progressive rock covering the years from the 70’s right up to albums not even yet released.

Here’s This Week’s Playlist

1 Comedy of Errors – Spirit (Spirit)
2 Long Earth – We Own Tomorrow (Once Around The Sun)
3 Ms Amy Birks – Jamaica Inn (All That I Am and All That I Was)
4 Gravity Machine – It’s Summer (Red)
5 Haunt The Woods – Amethyst (Opaque)
6 For Absent Friends – Into Love (Running In Circles)
7 Drifting Sun – Twilight (Twilight)
8 Godsticks – Surrender (Inescapable)
9 Doug Woods & Colin Powell – Upgraded (The Mechanical Girl A.I.)
10 Perfect Beings – Cause and Effect (Perfect Beings II)
11 Paul Limb – Dystopian Cityscape (The Last Journal of a Dystopian Adventurer)
12 Moonscape – The Throes of Desperation (Single)
13 The Dark Monarchy – Bed of Posers (Single)
14 Black Sabbath – Air Dance (Never Say Die)
15 Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Solar Fire (Solar Fire)

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Your melodic and symphonic progressive rock music suggestions for the show are very welcome. Just email shaun@progzilla.com, or message via twitter @shaunontheair or facebook.com/theprogmill

NEXT WEEK – We Re-Draw the winner of the Kaprekar’s Constant double vinyl version of Depth of Field (as the winner already has a copy), and another Prog Mill Music Giveaway – you can win a digital download of Moonshot’s superb album Worlds of Yesterday.