Podcast – The Prog Mill edition 146

Edition 146 of THE PROG MILL – first broadcast on Progzilla Radio on Sunday 24th February, is now also available to stream anytime you like or download as a mp3 file. Two hours of superb progressive rock. This week no less than NINE artists or bands appear on the show for the very first time #supportingnewprog

This Week’s Playlist

The playlist for last night’s PROG MILL (edition 146 for Progzilla Radio and 366 in total) first broadcast Sunday 24 February, was:

1 I Am The Manic Whale – The Man With Many Faces (New Forms of Life – Live at the Oakwood)
2 Time Collider – Clock Strikes Twlve (Travel Conspiracy)
3 Deafening Opera – At The Edge (Let Silence Fall)
4 Skylake – Luna (In Orbit)
5 O.A.K. – La Cena Delle Beffe (Giordano Bruno)
6 Cheeto’s Magazine – Ready to Rumble (Amazingous)
7 Weend’o- Angel Dust (Time of Awakening)
8 On The Raw – Big City Awakes (Big City Awakes)
9 CREA – Some of Us (Dwarves and Penguins)
10 Anton Evans – Sit Back (Outliers)
11 The Emerald Dawn – Shadow in Light (Searching for the Lost Key)
12 Bloodrock – Scottsman (Passage)
13 Zan Zone – For The Rising Sun (Its Only Natural)
14 Wigwam – Fairyport (Fairyport)
15 Focus – Le Cathedrale de Strasbourg (Hamburger Concerto)

You can hear The Prog Mill on Progzilla Radio at these times every week (www.progzilla.com/listen – via the tune in radio app and on internet radios):

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Your melodic and symphonic progressive rock music suggestions for the show are very welcome. Just email shaun@progzilla.com, or message via twitter @shaunontheair or facebook.com/theprogmill