“Podcast: The Ancient One – Edition 97”

The Ancient One is delighted to say that Show No 97 is now available as a podcast. This is one of the PB4X shows from 2018. The Prog Before Xmas is an annual “mini festival” held in the Drygate Brewery in Glasgow at the beginning of December. This show featured Glen Brielle (creative vehicle for Hugh Carter, one of the original members of Abel Ganz), Sloth Metropolis, The Comedy of Errors (replacing Gr
and Tour, the creative vehicle for Hew Montgomery, another Abel Ganz original), Abel Ganz
and Galahad. The radio show was broadcast weeks before the gig as a sampler of the evening.

This was not put online as a podcast at the time due to some of the music being demo material from upcoming albums. This is no longer a problem so here is that superb show.


1 The Nice – Br
andenburger (excerpt used as Intro)
2 Hugh Carter (Abel Ganz) – You And Yours (Gratuitous Flash 1994)
3 Hugh Carter Biography Pt 1
4 Hugh Carter (Abel Ganz) – Sheepish (Shooting Albatross 2008)
5 High Carter Biography Pt 2
6 Hugh Carter (Glen Brielle) – Mr Valentine
7 Hugh Carter (Glen Brielle) – Thatcher
8 Sloth Metropolis Biography Pt 1
9 Sloth Metropolis – Old World (Origins 2017)
10 Sloth Metropolis – Across The Ocean (Origins 2017)
11 Sloth Metropolis – Forest (Origins 2017)
12 Sloth Metropolis Biography Pt 2
13 Sloth Metropolis – The Grove (Origins 2017)
14 Sloth Metropolis – Swift Metropolis (Origins 2017)
15 Sloth Metropolis Biography Pt 3
16 Sloth Metropolis – Transmutation (Origins 2017)
17 Gr
and Tour – It’s Come To This (Heavy On The Beach 2015)
18 Hew Montgomery Biography Pt 1
19 Gr
and Tour – On The Radio (Heavy On The Beach 2015)
20 Hew Montgomery Biography Pt 2
21 Gr
and Tour – Back In The Zone (segment from Clocks That Tick but Never Talk 2019)
22 Gr
and Tour – Clocks That Tick But Never Talk (segment from Clocks That Tick But Never Talk)
23 Gr
and Tour – The Panic (Clocks That Tick But Never Talk 2019)
24 Gr
and Tour – Slumber Sweetly (Clocks That Tick But Never Talk 2019)
25 Abel Ganz – The Danger Of Strangers Pt 1 + 2 (The Danger Of Strangers 1988)
26 Abel Ganz – Ventura (Shooting Albatross 2008)
27 Interview with Davie Mitchell Pt 1
28 Abel Ganz – Honey Bee (The Life Of The Honey Bee
and Other Moments Of Clarity 2020)
29 Interview With Davie Mitchell Pt 2
30 Abel Ganz – One Small Soul (The Life Of The Honey Bee
and Other Moments Of Clarity 2020)
31 Interview With Davie Mitchell Pt 3
32 Galahad – Empires Never Last (Empires Never Last 2015/2017)
33 Galahad – Iceberg (Quiet Storms 2017)
34 Stu Biography
35 Galahad – Dust (extended Edit) (Seas Of Change 2018)
36 Galahad – Smoke (extended Edit) (Seas of Change 2018)
37 The Nice – Br
andenburg (Excerpt used as the Outro)