“Podcast: The Ancient One – Edition 144”

The Ancient One is delighted to tell everyone that the podcast for Show No 144, “The Concept Album Show Vol 9”, is now online. This features large chunks from concept albums, old and new, and the bands are, Hibernal (Australia), IQ (UK), Gandalf’s Fist (UK), Kayak (Netherlands) and Spocks Beard (USA). As there was a little time left, I squeezed in a classic prog oldie by The nice, “America”.


1 Greenslade – Spirit Of The Dance (Excerpt used as The Intro from the Recollections cd)
2 Hibernal – Relic Pts 1-7 (Relics 2020)
3 IQ – Subterranea Pts 6-11 (Subterranea 1997)
4 Gandalf’s Fist – The Clockwork Fable pts 11-16 (The Clockwork Fable Disc 2 2016)
5 Kayak – Merlin – Bard Of The Unseen Pts 8-14 (Merlin Bard Of The Unseen 2003)
6 Spocks Beard – Snow Pts 8-15 (Snow 2002)
7 The Nice – America.
8 Greenslade – Joie De Vivre (Excerpt used as The Outro)