” Podcast: The Ancient One – Edition 127″

Hot on the heels of the “late” posting of Show 126, comes the next show in the sequence, Show 127 “The Best Of 2019 The Shorter Ones”. Again TAO apologises for the delay.


1 Greenslade – Spirit Of The Dance (Excerpt from the Recollections CD)
2 Adventure – Eirene (New Horizon)
3 Swifan Eohl and the Mudra Choir – The Key (The Key)
4 RPWL – Give Birth To The Sun (Tales From Outer Space)
5 Phog – Promenade (Evidence)
6 Lucy In Blue – Tempest (In Flight)
7 Moon Letters – Sunset Of Man (Until They Feel The Sun)
8 United Progressive Fraternity (UPF) – Fall In Love With The World (Romantechs:Reimagine Bonus Disc)
9 Cellar Noise – Her (Nautilus)
10 35 Tapes – Wasteland (Lost And Found)
11 Bjorn Riis – Icarus (A Storm Is Coming)
12 IQ – If Anything (Resistance)
13 The Inner Road – Water Well (The Majestic Garden)
14 Magic Pie – Touched By An Angel (Fragments Of The 5th Element)
15 The Far Meadow – Sulis Rise (Foreign Land)
16 Grand Tour – Slumber Sweetly (Clocks That Tick But Never Talk)
17 Thieves Kitchen – Eilmer (Genius Loci)
18 Freedom To Glide – Broken Road (Seed)
19 The Flower Kings – Black Flag (Waiting For Miracles)
20 Great Wide Nothing – Monument Pt 1+2 (The View From Olympus)
21 Gandalf’s Fist – Leader of Men (The Clockwork Prologue)
22 Clepsydra – The Story Teller (The Gap)
23 Joe Cairney and Friends – The Sailor And The Mermaid (Charity single..track originally by the Canadian band, Mystery)
24 Greenslade – Joie De Vivre (Excerpt from the Recollections CD)