“Podcast: The Ancient One – Edition 123”

The Ancient One is pleased to say that the show from PB4X 2019, from late 2019, is now available as a podcast. At the time it was recorded, featuring the b
ands appearing at the annual Prog Before Xmas gig in the Drygate Brewery in Glasgow, it was not uploaded as a podcast due to some of the music not yet released by 1 of the b
ands. The album containing this music is now available, hence the chance to put the show online.

This show features the b
ands: Jennifer Clarke B
and, Gr
and Tour (replaced on the gig by Long Earth), Abel Ganz
and Wobbler.


1 Greenslade – Spirit Of The Dance (Excerpt from the Recollections CD)
2 Jennifer Clark B
and – Biography Part 1
3 Jennifer Clark B
and – Ascan
4 Jennifer Clark B
and – EVA
5 Jennifer Clark B
and – Ascendent
6 Jennifer Clark B
and – Biography Part 2
7 Jennifer Clark B
and – Re-Entry
8 Jennifer Clark B
and – Heliosphere
9 Jennifer Clark B
and – Biography Part 3
10 Gr
and Tour – Time Runs Out (Heavy On The Beach)
11 Gr
and Tour – On The Radio (Heavy On The Beach)
12 Hew Montgomery – Biography
13 Gr
and Tour – Shadow Walking (Clocks That Tick But Never Talk)
14 Gr
and Tour – Game Over ( Clocks That Tick But Never Talk)
15 Abel Ganz – Spring (Abel Ganz)
16 Abel Ganz – Portion Of Noodles (Abel Ganz)
17 Abel Ganz – Thank You (Abel Ganz)
18 Mick Macfarlane (Abel Ganz) – Q
and A Part 1
19 Abel Ganz – One Small Soul (The Life of the Honey Bee
and Other Moments of Clarity)
20 Mick Macfarlane – Q
and A Part 2
21 Abel Ganz – Summerlong (The Life Of The Honey Bee
and Other Moments Of Clarity)
22 Mick Macfarlane – Q
and A Part 3
23 Wobbler – The First Years/Hinterl
and Info
24 Wobbler – Rubato Industry (Hinterl
25 Wobbler – Afterglow Info
26 Wobbler – In Taberna (Afterglow)
27 Wobbler – Andreas Joining/Rites at Dawn
28 Wobbler – This Past Present (Rites At Dawn)
29 Wobbler – New Guitarist/Silence To Something
30 Wobbler – Foxlight (Silence To Something)
31 Wobbler – New Album Info
32 Greenslade – Joie De Vivre (Excerpt from the Recollections CD)